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Some of my Palatine ancestors

FREDERICK BARRINGER s/o Johannes Coonradt Beringer (later changed to 
Barringer) and Anna Elisabetha STAHL)moved to Rensselearwyck
about 1762. Frederick's wife, ANNA MARGARET ZUFELD may or may not have been
alive at that time. Frederich probably died between 1788 & 1794. Their children were as follows: 1-CONRAD BARRINGER bpt 17 Oct 1736 2. HANS GEORGE BARRINGER(1738-1816), Lieut. Rev. War. m. ELISBETH BEEM d/o George BOHM & Elisabeth HERTEL 3-ZACHARIUS BARRINGER (1740-1816) Clerk Rev. War m. HANNAH FELLER (1747-1842) d/o Nicolaus FELLER & Anna Maria NEHR. 4-CATHARINA BARRINGER b.c.1742 m. PETRUS SHARP (1730-1807) s/o George SHARP & Anna Barbara SCHMIDT. 5-ELISABETHA BARRINGER b. 1744 6-JACOB BARRINGER (1746-1828) Pvt. Rev. War m. KATHARINE HANER (1763-1834) d/o Samuel HANER & Rebecca FELLER (lived in Herkimer, NY) 7-JOHANNES BARRINGER (1748-1819) Rev. War Vet. m. ANNA VALENTINE and/or ANNA MARIA CASPARUS. *8-DAVID BARRINGER (MY GR-GR-GR-GR-GRANDFATHER)(1750-1837) Sgt. Rev. War m. MARIA BARBARA HANER d/o Philip HANER & Eva Elisabeth TREBER 9-PHILIP BARRINGER (1753-1809) Rev. War Vet. m.#1- CATHARINE MEYERS m. #2-FOLLACA OSTRANDER,widow Miller 10-ANNA MARIA BARRINGER b.c. 1755 m. WILLIAM COOPER (1762-1840) s/o Christian COOPER & Anna Margaret STRUNK. 11-CHRISTINA BARRINGER (1758-1838) m. GERRIT VAN SCHAICK (1760-1842) s/o Goosen VAN SCHAICK & Majeke VANDENBURG *DAVID BARRINGER'S grandson, son of his son, Peter D. Barringer, JACOB HENRY BARRINGER m. CATHARINE RYSDORPH/ REISDORPH b. 1827 in Sand Lake, NY. They were my gr-gr-grandparents. Catharine was the great-grand-daughter of LORENTZ REISDORPH (s/o the Palatine immigrant, Johannes Reisdorff) and Anna Margaretha SARENBERGER. Lorentz & his family moved from Dutchess the Colony of Rensselaerwyck (Rensselaer Co., NY) sometime between 1759 and 1762 where they died in 1812 & 1813 respectfully. Their children were: 1-CATHARINE REISDORPH b. 1745 m. Andrew WEATHERWAX 2.ANNA MARGARETHA REISDORPH b. 1747 m. Vincent VAN ALYSTINE *3. JOHANNES REISDORPH (MY GR-GR-GR-GR-GRANDFATHER) b. 1750 m. Catharine SHAVER 4. ELISABETH REISDORPH b. 1753 m. Thomas J. WITBECK 5. ANNA REISDORPH b. 1755 m. John P. VAN VALKENBURG 6.LEONHART REISDORPH b. 1759 m. Jannetje DEFREEST 7. MAGDALENA REISDORPH b. 1762 m. Cornelius BLOOMINGDALE I am also a descendant of Johannes Nicolas TREBER through his son, Peter and his daughter, Eva Elisabetha who m. Philip HANER. The children of PETER TREBER and ANNA CATHARINE DOROTHEA ROU are as follows: 1-ANNA ELISABETHA TREBER m. NICOLAUS BOHENSTIEHL 2-JOHANNES TREBER m. CLARA CUNTZ 3-CARL TREBER b. 23 Feb 1726 m. ANNA MARGARET CUNTZ 4-ANNA MARIA TREBER b. 25 Nov 1727 m. #1-WM HAGEDORN #2-FREDERICH SCHAFFER 5-MARIA BARBARA TREBER b. 20 Aug 1729 m. BERNHARDT NEHR 6-SUSANNA MARGARETHA TREBER bpt 3 Oct 1731 m. HENRICH SIMON *7-EVA ELISABETHA TREBER b. 8 Mar 1735 m. PHILIP HANER 8-CATHARINA TREBER b. 11 Oct 1737 PHILIP HANER was the son of Johannes Heyner & Catharine Mustier. Philip Hener of Greenbush 29 Mar 1799 - 23 Aug 1800 had the following heirs: wife, Eva; sons: John P, Petrus P., Henry P., George P., & Philip P. and daughtrs: Catarina w/o Carl Muhl; Maria Barbara w/o DAVID BARRINGER; Anna Maria, deceased, w/o Christopher Witinger; and Johanna w/o Emanuel Nincher. Philip married *EVA ELIZABETH TRABER and they had the following children: 1. Rebecca Haner b. 1 Jun 1754 RBRC 2-Johannes Haner bpt 19 Jun 1757 RHLC 3-Catarina Haner b.c. 1760 m. Carl MUHL 4-Anna Haner (may have been Johanna) b. 18 Nov 1764 Albany RC 5-Philip Haner b. 5 Feb 1767 Albany RC 6-MARIA BARBARA HANER b.c. 1768 m. DAVID BARRINGER 7-Petrus Haner b. 25 Mar 1770 Albany RC 8-Henrich Haner bpt 1774 ARC 9-George Haner b. 17 Mar 1777 ARC ALBERTUS SIMON, JR. bpt 20 May 1750 Germantown RC s/o Albert Simon & Elisabeth Hoffman m. #2-ANNA MARGARET WEBBER/WEAVER bpt 13 Nov 1751 Red Hook LC d/o William & Anna Margaret (Klein) Webber. Their son, HARMANUS SIMON/SIMMONS b. 8 Feb 1779 Hillsdale RC d. 23 Oct 1861 Parma, Monroe Co., NY m. #1- CHRISTINA SIMON/SIMMONS b. 24 Jan 1783 Manortown LC d. betw. 1806 & 1814 d/o Henrich Simon & Catharine Jager. Their children were: 1-Catahrine Simmons b. 11 Sep 1801 Gilead LC m. Mr. Morol 2-Albertus Simmons b. 22 Jul 1803 Gilead LC 3-MARGARETHA SIMMONS b. 9 Jun 1806 m. PETER D. BARRINGER s/o David Barringer & Maria Barbara Haner. ANNA CATHARINE YAGER bpt 29 Jun 1746 Rhinebeck Flats RC d/o Johann George Yager & Gertrude Pulver m. HENRICH SIMON/SIMMONS bpt 23 Aug 1742 Red Hook LC s/o Balthasaar & Anna Elisabeth Bohnenstiehl. Their children were: 1-Catharine Simon b. 16 Jun 1763 RBL 2-Gertraut Simon b. 28 Jul 1767 RBL 3-Anna Maria Simon b. 6 Aug 1769 RBL m. Philip Haner (not the same one as above) 4-Wendel Simon d.c. 26 Dec 1851 age 81 Saratoga Co. m. Margaret Sharp d. 4 Aug 1841 age 65 d/o Peter & Catharine (BARRINGER)Sharp 5-Samuel Simmons b. 31 Jan 1774 Manortown LC m. 1795 Maria Muller/Miller 6-Elias (Elijah) Simmons b. 29 Mar 1776 MTLC m. Elisabeth Schermerhorn 7-Elisabeth Simmons bpt 25 Jun 1778 MTLC m. Joseph Strunk 8-Wilhelm Simmons b. 1 Nov 1780 Rhinebeck LC *9-CHRISTINA SIMMONS b. 24 Jan 1783 Churchtown LC d.c. 1806-1814 m. HERMANUS SIMMONS 10-Sara Simmons b. 15 Jun 1785 West Copake 11-Johannes Simmons b. 5 Feb 1788

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